Louisa  Firethorne

Inventor | Designer | Co-Founder of The Sonosphere LLC

The Sonosphere was invented by Louisa Firethorne (maiden name McCuskey) in 2002, with more Sonosphere prototypes in 2008 and 2018. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Louisa earned her Bachelor's degree from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wa with a self-designed major from WWU's Fairhaven College, with minors in Physics and Materials Science. The Sonosphere began as her senior thesis project, and the culmination of her self-designed degree (concentration) entitled, 'Transducing Human Consciousness Through Science, Art and Music.'

Louisa's deep interest in physics, art, geometry, music, and particularly, the science of resonance, prompted her initial ideas about the Sonosphere as an integrative installation art piece, a 'strange attractor', and a vehicle for the exploration of one's own consciousness.

With 2 decades of self-funded research and inspiration, Louisa's Sonosphere vision integrates everything from 80's sci-fi, to the deep mysteries of the Egyptian Pyramids and the ancient art of sound healing. Dipping into a deep well of creative mojo, Louisa aims to combine the aesthetic, and the functional into her invention of the Sonosphere and Sonosphere Cymatic Immersive Experience.

In her personal healing and search for embodiment, she sought to expand her invention to a more powerful version in the vision of Sonosphere 3.0.- A sonic massage that goes deep to the bones, and resonates your whole being- setting off harmonic fluctuations of standing waves throughout the whole body. This is a lifetime of vision, direction and purpose. Louisa lives on Fidalgo Island with her husband Rowan, and two daughters Kelti  and Aerowyn.

"My intention is for people to return to the basic feeling of being human, through careful and resonant stimulation of the senses. So often we become disconnected from our most subtle awareness, and it is my goal to reconnect people with that good feeling of just being alive, inhabiting a human body. "
-Louisa Firethorne


After trying the original Sonosphere 1.0, at Skagit Valley Community College showcase gallery in 2002, our local and world renowned author, Tom Robbins, had this to say about his Sonosphere experience:

"Louisa, you are the flesh-bound instrument of cosmic love jammer; a basket weaver whose strands are the energy skeins of the universe itself, a scientist who knows that the Universe is made of magic. Bravo!"
- Tom Robbins


Rowan  Firethorne

Sound Designer | Co-Founder of The Sonosphere LLC

From a young age Rowan was a fiery yet sensitive boy inspired by the world of music and musicianship. While he pursued worldly insight through studying the sciences in college as he completed his Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry, his life long love for computers and music converged into a fascination with digital audio synthesis and audio reproduction technologies. After falling in love with the beguiling inventor Louisa McCuskey, Rowan experienced how electronic dance music had discretely used modern advances in speaker design and software synthesis to make the shaping of air waves into the next level of the art of music. From then on he was dedicated to learning techniques to sculpt the air into wave patterns one could feel passing through and over the body as various nodal points met temporary resonance.

Hooked on the potential of all of this, he set out to design and develop an ambisonic experience that could express these profound pressure wave interactions by integrating these principals into an appropriate container. The hypnotic and transcendental Sonosphere was an ideal container to focus and integrate these auditory phenomena for a listener, guided through a sonic journey of textured tones combined with sequenced lighting. 


Rowan lives on Fidalgo Island with his family where he can hear the birds and the wind whistle through the forest.



Rusty Oliver.JPG

Rusty Oliver

Welder | Artist | Engineer
Owner of
Hazard Factory in Seattle, Wa

Rusty has been working with us on the Sonosphere project since 2008 when we commissioned him to do the build on the Sonosphere 2.0 destined for shipping to England. 

Rusty has been instrumental in helping us with perfecting our engineering designs to enhance the safety, strength, and endurance of the Sonosphere metal structure.



Sam Allen

Welder | Artist
Owner of
Black Metal Works in Seattle, Wa

Sam has been part of fabrication team since 2018, when we commissioned Black Metal Works to fabricate the very beginning of the Sonosphere 3.0 - the super important base and motor housing. The base had to be designed based on the base design from Sonosphere 1.0, but had to be way more heavy duty, and a bit bigger as well. Sam not only completed our task of building a base with parts that could be easily disassembled for travel, but he also improved the design by adding handles to the heavy pieces, which was a nice touch.